College Fuck Laura Gets Slammed

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College Fuck Laura Gets Slammed

Laura shut the door quickly behind her, dropping her duffle bag on the floor. The very first thing she did was walk over to the thermostat and turn the heat way up. She hadn’t felt like changing clothes after cheerleading and was still clad in her small, black shorts and tight, white tank top. It was all comfortable for Laura, who was always more comfortable in less clothes, but it had made the walk over from practice pretty cold. Laura paused to examine herself in the full-length mirror on her door. She had recently dyed her long brown hair a dark, dark black. At first the sexy 19-year old hadn’t been sure if she liked it or not. However, she’d really grown attached to it over the last few weeks. She’d realized though, that it was a good thing she shaved her pussy, because her hair would no longer match. As someone who had a lot of sex and frequently ended up stripping in front of men at parties, she wanted to look as good as possible.

Laura sighed heavily and sat down on the couch. She spread her legs and noticed in the mirror that a little bit of pink from her thong could be seen. Laura really was really bored. There were times she regretted being in cheerleading in college. It just demanded so much time. Here she was, in her room in a practically empty dorm building on Fall Break. All of her roommates and most of her friends had gone home. Even most of the cheerleaders were leaving right now, since their last practice was over. Laura, however, didn’t have a car. Her parents had insisted that she just stay the weekend at the college, since they were unable to come pick her up and take her back on Sunday, a fact that she was none too pleased about.

’My damn parents,’ she said aloud to no one in-particular. ’I should be home right now. I should be out drinking and dancing and... and fucking!’ Laura thought about the last time she’d let a guy ravage her petite body. It had been almost two full weeks ago, a guy she’d met briefly at a party. They were both drunk and it hadn’t taken long to get him alone. Not too long after that, she was on her hands and knees, this random guy pounding her pussy from behind, tearing her apart. She screamed for what seemed like forever and thrust herself backward onto his massive cock, feeling his manhood slamming into her well fucked little hole. Eventually, she’d cum, clenching her pussy down around his dick, her body shaking with pleasure. He’d flipped her small body over quickly and blown his load all over her small, but perky little tits.

The thought of his guy’s cock inside her was making Laura hot. She was suddenly very glad her roommates were gone, realizing that she was free to touch herself right on the couch. Laura laid down flat on the couch and pulled her tank top off. She closed her eyes and softly caressed her /breasts/small-breasts/">small breasts, running circles around her /nipples/large-nipples/">large nipples. Suddenly, she pinched them roughly, making her own body shudder with pain. Laura loved sex and her favorite thing was a guy who would fuck her rough. She loved having her body torn apart by a /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock or two and the feeling of cum dripping out of her asshole or down her /cute/">cute face. After she had abused her tits for a while, she slipped out of her shorts and tossed them aside. She laid down on the couch once more, her pink Victoria’s Secret thong soaked with her excitement.

Laura realized quickly that she needed a man as soon as possible. Her young pussy hadn’t been violated in almost two weeks and her body was aching for a stiff, young rod to pound it. She grabbed her cell phone and started clicking through the contacts, trying to find someone who was still here on campus to come fuck her brains out. It yielded no success.

As she sat on the couch cross legged, wearing nothing but her small, damp thong, she thought she heard something. Laura got up, her /tits/small-tits/">small tits bouncing as she padded barefoot across the room to the door. She had to stand slightly on her tip-toes to see through the peephole, since she was only about 5’2’. What she say made her pretty excited. One of the guys that lived across the hall, Chris, was pushing in his door code. He was a 6’1’ Asian guy, an emo-rocker kind of guy who wore tight t-shirts and jeans almost every day. His hair was short and styled into a short of ’messy’ arrangement. It was also high-lighted red, which Laura thought was pretty damn hot. She’d often wondered just how big his cock was. He was Asian, but he was also tall. In her current horny state, Laura decided he was the sexist guy he’d ever seen. She quickly dressed in a short, tight jean skirt and her white tank top, no bra.
Laura knocked on his door. After a minute, Chris opened it and smiled down at her.

’Hey,’ he said, ’what’s up?’
’Oh nothing much,’ she said innocently. ’I just heard you come in. I didn’t know anyone else was here. I’ve been so bored!’
’Oh yeah, I had to work this weekend so I stuck around. It’s going to get pretty boring around here,’ Chris agreed.
’Well it doesn’t have to be,’ Laura said. ’Maybe you and I could find something to do.’
’Yeah, maybe,’ Chris said, stepping aside, ’Come on in.’
’Wow,’ Laura thought, ’this is going to be a lot easier than I thought.’ She’d never had a problem getting a guy to fuck her, but for some reason she’d figured Chris might be different. The two of them sat down on the couch in the middle of the room. They sat on opposite ends, about as far away from each other as they could be on the couch. Laura turned to face him and swung her legs up onto the couch, opening them and giving him a quick look at her pink thong. She watched his eyes as they followed her slender legs and lingered on her exposed crotch. When she was sure he’d seen up her skirt, she closed her legs by spreading them out on the couch and crossing them over each other. Chris settled his gaze on her beautiful, dark green eyes. She smiled at him softly and in that moment she knew they were on the same page.

’So,’ Laura said, ’what’s your job?’ She stretched her leg, rubbing her foot on his upper thigh.
’Umm,’ Chris stuttered, ’I’m an EMT.’
’Oh really?’ Laura slid her foot over his crotch, feeling his /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick through his jeans. ’I think that’s really cool. You’re helping people and that’s awesome. Someone should do something for you.’ Laura grinned.
’Yeah?’ Chris said. ’Like what?’
Laura straddled him, setting her hot, petite body on top of him. She pulled her skirt up so that the bottom of her panties was exposed. She settled that over the bulge in his jeans. Laura kissed him, working her talented tongue into his mouth. Chris grabbed the back of her head, kissing her roughly while he started to grind his cock against her wet crotch through his jeans.

They broke their kiss briefly and Laura pulled her tank top up over her head. Her small, perky tits came free, her big, round nipples standing firmly at attention. She pulled of his shirt too, making sure to rub her breasts in his face as she did. He placed his hands on her back, holding her tits over his mouth. Laura began to squirm and moan as she felt his tongue flicking over her sensitive nipples.
’Oh baby,’ she moaned. ’You can abuse me more that!’ With that, Chris started to softly nip and bite at her tits. Laura started grinding her hips into his once more, letting his bulge stimulate her dripping pussy. Chris was biting and sucking on her left tit while he fondled and pinched her left. Laura moaned loudly, loving the mix of pain and pleasure she was feeling on her pert, young tits. She could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter as she pressed it into Chris’s jeans. Soon there was a damp spot on his crotch, as her pussy juice soaked through her panties.

Knowing that she was close to her first orgasm and not wanting to cum in her panties, Laura reluctantly pulled away from Chris’s mouth on her tits. She stood next too the couch and slid out of her tight skirt and panties. Chris pulled off his jeans and boxers and Laura got the look at his cock she’d wanted. It was at least 8 inches and reasonably wide. It wasn’t the biggest she’d had, but it was definitely big enough to get her off. Chris admired Laura young, cheerleader body completely naked for the /first-time/">first time. She let her long, dark black hair out of the ponytail, letting it fall down over her shoulders. Her dark green eyes sparkled as she watched Chris admire her slender, fit body. Her tits were only a B-cup, but they were very firm and perky. Her nipples were large, considering the size of her tits, and were still very hard. Laura’s stomach was smooth and muscular from all of her cheerleading workouts. Though she wasn’t all that all, her legs were very sexy and smooth and ended with a very sexy pair of little feet.
Laura straddled Chris on the couch again. Some wetness from her pussy ran down her tan thighs and onto Chris’s stiff cock. Laura began gently slide her pussy over Chris’s dick. Suddenly, Chris thrust his hips upward, slamming his cock hard into Laura’s awaiting slit. This caused Laura to cry out in /surprise/">surprise and extreme pleasure. The second time she was ready and waiting for him and thrust her body down at the same time he thrust his up. They continued this for several minutes, each slamming into the other as hard as they could.

’Oh yeah baby,’ Laura moaned, ’Fuck me! /fucking/pussy-fucking/fuck-that-pussy/">fuck that pussy! Oh I love your big cock inside me! Ohhhhhhhh!’ She let out a long, passionate moan. Chris pulled out of her now loose pussy. He stood her up and bent her over. Laura placed her hands on the back of the couch and arched her slender back. She turned and looked at him over her bare shoulder, her dark hair covering one of her green eyes. She grinned and said, ’Tear me apart baby’.

Chris was eager to comply. He put his hands on her small hips and pulled her ass cheeks apart, making her pussy lips spread. Chris pushed back inside Laura’s now familiar pussy. Laura let out a moan as he re-entered her. He quickly put an end to the gentle touch and started slamming his cock into her as hard as he could. The sound of his balls slapping against her body filled the room. The aroma of precum and Laura’s pussy juice wafted up to Chris’s nose. He inhaled deeply. He could smell hour horny this chick was.

Laura was very close to cumming. Her young pussy was beginning to clench down on Chris’s dick. She moaned loudly and started saying every dirty thing that popped into her mind.
’Oh Jesus Chris! Fuck me! Yeah fuck me! Oh god I love it when you pound me! Yes! Yes! Oh my /sweet/">sweet jesus! Yes fuck me! Oh the wwwxxx harder! Harder! Harder! Yes! OH I’m almost there! Yes! Yes! Yes! YEEEESSSSSSSS! OH FUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK!’ Laura cried out as she finally reached orgasm. Her pussy tightened around Chris’s cock, which was still deep inside her. The young slut’s body started to shake with pleasure and her arms gave out causing her to collapse in a naked heap on the couch. ’Holy shit,’ she said, breathing heavily. ’That was fucking amazing.’

But Chris wasn’t done with this slut yet. He picked up her petite, naked body, which was still hot from the orgasm she’d just had. Chris bent the 19-year old over again and spread her ass cheeks. This time, however, Laura felt the wwwxxx head of his swollen member rubbing gently around her asshole. Laura had never been fucked in the ass before, but was ready and willing to have her pucker torn apart. She put her chin down on the back of the couch and arched her slender back.

Chris pushed inside her, not gently, but hard as ever. He slammed all 8 inches of his cock into her amazingly tight asshole. Laura screamed with pain as he violated her. Chris showed her no mercy, pushing deeper inside her with every thrust of his cock. Laura’s asshole was pulsing with pain, but it also felt pretty good. And she was getting exactly what she wanted. After she got over the initial pain of having her pucker violated, she started to really enjoy this /rough/rough-fuck/">rough fuck. Chris had her by the hips and was not only pushing himself into her, but was also pulling her petite body back against his cock. Laura could feel her asshole starting to bruise. It hurt so much that she buried her face into the couch, biting the material to keep from screaming. She reached down and rubbed her clit ferociously, adding to her own pleasure. She alternated rubbing her clit and spanking her own pussy. The room was filled with the wet smacking of her hand against her pussy and the sound of Chris’s balls knocking against her. Finally, Laura lifted her head and let out a long, hard scream. She felt her body shake again as a double orgasm rocked her petite frame. Her asshole closed down around Chris’s hard dick, which was pulsing and about to explode with cum. ’OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK! OH MY GOD OH FUCK OH CHRIST! OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYY FUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKINNNNNNGGGGG GOD! YOU ARE SO FUCKING GOOD!’ Laura screamed at the top of her lungs as her /girl/girl-cum/">girl cum gushed from her pussy, drenching the couch below her.

’I want to cum on your face Laura!’ Chris shouted, finally freeing his cock from her tight asshole. Laura quickly got down on her knees in front of him, as she could tell he was very close to cumming and she didn’t want to miss a drop of it. Chris grabbed his member and jerked it twice. This was enough to set him off and exploded cum on long, hard shots right into Laura’s waiting mouth. She closed her mouth after the first two shots, swallowing his salty cum down her sluttly little throat. Chris had a lot more cum than that, however, and he changed his aim after Laura shut her mouth. He shot a few streams onto her pretty face, one of which nailed her in the eye. The last shot he aimed for her tits, but most of it landed on her slender neck.

Laura looked up at him, one eye closed, cum dripping from her eye, chin, and neck running down onto her pert, young tits. Her asshole was already starting to bruise from Chris’s abuse and her pussy was still leaking some cum onto the floor. Laura wiped the cum from her eye and sucked it from the tip of her finger. She stood and pulled on her tank top and skirt. Picking up her pink, cum soaked thong, she sat down on Chris’s lap, who was still naked. She kissed him one last time, working her tongue deep into his mouth. Chris could taste his own cum still on her lips. Laura dropped her wet thong onto his bare chest.

’That should tide you over until next time,’ Laura said, smiling. ’And there will definitely be a next time.’