Lesleys fucks away from home part 5

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Lesleys fucks away from home part 5

Since our last story Lesley came off the pill and was trying to fall pregnant, so I was going to have to wait a while to see her being fucked by someone else which wasn’t going to be easy as I was getting use to enjoying watching her will other guys. 

It was about 3 months now and I was talking dirty to her every night about what had happen in the past, when one night she turned to me as she was cuddling up to me in bed and very softly stoking my hardening cock and said in a wickedly sexy voice.

’Well honey would it turn you on if I had sex with some one else and fell pregnant instead of with you’
I didn’t know what to say the thought but my dick went rock hard, to which Lesley whispered
’Looks like you would you horny bugger! But there wouldn’t be any going back if I fell pregnant by someone else and you would have to put up with knowing you wouldn’t be the real father, do you blowjob porn videos really think you could handle that?’

I lay there still not knowing what to say, my mind racing could I handle it? I knew it would turn me on really bad, but why was she suddenly so happy to ask me this as I knew she wanted me to really be the father, but I couldn’t say anything my mouth had dried up with excitement.
’Well let’s see if I can make you decide’ she said as she lowered her head slowly and taking my cock slowly into her mouth, god it felt so good and she knew that if she asked me again then I wouldn’t be able to say no.

’Now then honey I don’t want you to decide straight away but you can tell me if you would like to see your horny bitch letting some horny guys slipping their beautiful hard cocks it to my soaking /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy’ as she carried on bobbing her mouth up and down slowing on my cock

’Yes you know I would! I love seeing being a little slut, you teasing bitch’ I replied in excited voice
’I thought you would and what else would you like them to do to me’ she relied in wickedly sort of way
’God any thing you wanted them to do to you’ I said in reply
’Well that would depend on how many there were and what age and colour they would be’ she murmured with my cock still in her mouth.
’You tell me what they would be like’ I replied knowing that it wouldn’t be long before I would Cum if she carried on sucking me off, to which she knew and pulled her mouth a way saying
’Oh no you don’t I want you to last longer than that, your not Cumming yet! I haven’t finished finding out what you would like them to do with me yet’ as she pulled away leaving me shaking with excitement.

All I wanted to do was shove my cock deep into her soaking wet horny pussy Cumming deep inside her, so I tried to move my self on to her but she pushed me away and told me that I was to stop or she wouldn’t carry on milf porn videos and get up, then she said softly in my ear ’Well I know how I can stop you for a little longer’ as she reached to the bedside cabernet and pulled out the hand cuffs and proceeded to hand cuff me to the bed then she got some cord and tied my legs to the foot of the bed

’That’s better you horny bugger! now where were we’ as she started to lick and nibble my chest and nipples ’I know you were going to tell me how many guys you wanted to see sliding their wonderful cocks into my cock hurry wet pussy of yours’
’As many as you would like you little slut’ I replied not caring just wanting to see her being used again
’Well let’s see mummmmm I think about 5 would do very nicely don’t you? That should keep my pussy busy for a while!’
’Yes that sounds good’ I replied quickly getting very excited
’Good now what about there age mummm that’s a little harder well I hope they will be’ wicking at me with a real wicked grin on her ’I think I would like them to be a lot older or a lot younger than me how does that sound to you’ as she was rubbing her beautiful pierced nipples over my face but not slowly enough for me to catch one in my mouth

’How much older or younger would you want them to be’ I replied trying not to sound too excited
’You like the idea of that don’t you’ she smiled knowing it was turning me on ’Well would you like your slut of a wife with someone older or younger’ she asked
’Ether! You know it would turn me on ether way’ I replied
’Well lets see mummmm I could have 3 older for experience and 2 younger for stamina and their spunk more fertile, that sounds good to me what do you say honey’ she asked
’God you know how to turn me on so, that sounds wonderful! What age would you like them to be?’ I asked in reply
’About 16 or 17 and between 50 and 55 I think, I could let them fuck my pussy all-night long and suck their cocks back to life again and I mite even let them /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass if you would like it’ 

I could tell she was getting really turned on by the thought of it all, I could see her pussy juices starting to run down her legs
’Oh yes you are such a slut aren’t you’ I replied
’No I more like a whore on heat’ she said grabbing my cock and mounting it as quickly as she could, as my cock entered her pussy lips she started to orgasm straight away and squirt her sweet smelling juices over my rampant /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls, sending me over the edge as I pumped my Cum deep in to my horny wife’s cunt she said 
’WELL is that what you want? You want you whore of a Wife to be fucked all night and get pregnant by some compete strangers WELL?’
’God yes god yes’ I replied Cumming as hard as I could
’GOOD I need to be fucking used it’s been so long’ she shouted in excitement collapsing on me, as we rested she slowly untied me kissing me slowly then as she got off me she turn to me and winked then cuddling up to me and in a whispering voice

’Thank you honey that was wonderful, I needed that’
We lay there for a while not saying any thing for about 30minutes just cuddling, I had to know if she was serious about letting other men getting her pregnant, I slowly built up the convince to ask her 
’Did you mean it’ I asked
’Mean what’ she replied with her wicked grin
’You know’
’Know what’ she replied again trying to not understand
’You know pregnant’ I replied
’I not know I haven’t decided! I know you would like it! You would like it if I was fucked in middle of the shopping mall with every one watching’ grinning like a cat that got the cream at me
’That’s not true’ I replied
’You would if you thought no one would know me, you would’ she replied
’That not the issue! I asked if that’s how you wanted to get pregnant’ I replied
’I told you I don’t know! Now go to sleep’ she replied grinning even more ’any way if I did I wouldn’t tell you, I would just do it because that would turn you on even more, you horny bastard, wouldn’t it?’
’I don’t know’ I replied

she started laughing the said ’then you’ll have to wait and see what I decide won’t you’ till laughing ’and there’s no point in asking any more as I not going to talk about it any longer now go to sleep my love’

With that she turned over and wouldn’t answers any more of my questions, for the next couple of weeks she was hornier than ever but still wouldn’t say anything about it, but she would just say ’I haven’t decided yet’

One evening when I return from work she told me she was just popping out to see one of her friends Joanne and would be back in about 30minutes and that my dinner was in the oven keeping warm, so off she went and I got my dinner out and had it then decided to go for a shower, after my shower I went in to the bedroom to dry off and get change when Lesley returned home and came up stairs looking for me
’There you are honey nice and clean then are we’ she ask
’Yes thanks why’ I replied
’well I just thought if you hadn’t had a shower you mite just like to fuck my nice sweet tasting pussy but now your clean I wouldn’t want you getting all messy again’ she replied with that knowing grin of hers
’Why should that stop me’ I replied getting turn on
’No you can wait until later! I mite just tease you a little longer I think’ as she walk out of the room and went down stair, I shouted after her ’that’s it you prick teaser you know that’s not fair’
’Your right but you like me like that’ came her reply from the bottom of the stairs