The Principals office

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The Principals office
Joshua Crandle slowly made his way through the wide deserted halls of CentralHigh School while nervously fingering the note he had received from Mr. Jackson while he was minding his own business in study hall! Why did he wanna see him anyway, he hadnt done anything wrong as far as he could figure, but he was still starting to sweat profusely as he neared his office!!! Mr. Jacksons secretary, Gwen Silver, looked up from her typing and asked efficiently, "And how may I help you young man!?!" "Uh, well ya see, its like this," he mumbled while handing her the personally written note from Mr. Jackson, "I guess he wants to see me indian santali xvideo or something!!!" After taking several seconds to read the note, Miss Silver pressed the intercom button on her desk while informing her boss that Mr. Crandle was in the out offices waiting for his appointment!!! A quick verbal exchange between them ensued, and with a nod of her head, the secretary motioned him to go inside!!!

Of all the places on the face of the earth this was one of the last ones he wanted to be at,so nervously he stood in front of the huge oak desk and waited while Mr. Jackson completed writing something in a notebook before even acknowledging his presence!!!"And you must be Joshua Crandle," the fifty year old man said softly, "Ive heard so many nice things about you, and I must say, from what I can see from here those reports were more than accurate!!! Nervously shifting his weight from one leg to the other, Josh still hadnt a clue what this meeting was all about, but like a lightning strike in a rain storm, Mr. Jackson stunned him when she offered, "Mr. Laurens has told me everything,and if you want this to remain out little secret you just do as youre told, understand!?!"With his head now spinning out of control and the feeling of lightheadedness overtaking him, all he could do was make a big gulp and reply softly, "Yes, sir, I understand!!!"

Mr. Jackson got up out of her chair and casually locked the office door, and after turning around to face him ordered quietly, "Okay, son, drop those pants so that I can see this wonder pecker hes been telling me about!!!" "N-now," he asked nervously, "what if somebody comes in or something!?!" "Young man," he replied evenly, "as you can plainly see I just have locked the door and since Im the principal I can do pretty much anything I damn well please around here, so stop gabbing and start stripping!!!" Even though he was certainly terrified at this strange turn of events, a shiver of excitement shot through him as he slowly began unbuckling the belt on his jeans!!! "Thats better," he said to the skinny eighteen year old, "hurry up now, I wanna see whats hidden inside of there!!!" Seconds later with his pants down around his ankles, Mr. Jackson couldnt take it anymore, and with much quicker reflexes than he thought a man of her age could possess, he dropped to his knees in front of him, and with slightly shaking hands slid his powder blue boxers down over his spindly thighs, allowing his huge semi hard /erection/">erection to flop obscenely into view!!!

For the next several seconds the room was deathly quiet, but then with a soft gasp Mr. Jackson opined, "M-my god, its incredible, all that meat on such a thin frame, m-may I suck it, please!?!" His pecker was thickening rapidly, and just like Mr. Laurens, once the old boy got a peak at his erection he became completely in its thrall, and without so much as uttering a response, Josh just pushed his hips forward in a signal for him to take it into his mouth, and just like his /teacher/english-teacher/">english teacher, thats exactly what he did!!! "Oh, god," he moaned quietly when his soft tongue caressed the head of his /dick/big-dick/">big dick, "t-that feels just wonderful, ohhhhhhhhhh my thats nice!!!" Just hearing him make appreciative comments about his oral abilities drove him into a feeding frenzy as he sucked wildly on the head of the nine inch prick, desperately trying to coax out a gusher into his needy mouth!!! Even though he had a modicum of control over these men, it still was a case of a young inexperienced man having his pecker sucked, and as they are wont to do, his entire body shuddered hard as he ejaculated a stunning cum shot down his more than eager throat!!!

After a glassy eyed Mr. Jackson got to his feet, he sat down unsteadily onto the edge of her desk, and with a little line of drool running out from the corner of his mouth, slid off his pants and shorts and guided Joshs still /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock directly into his tight hairy /asshole/">asshole!!! A long low moan from deep inside of his throat gurgled softly from his lips as Joshs thick member slowly penetrated his most intimate of spots!!! "G-good fucking god youre huge," he stammered as inch after inch of /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock flesh slowly disappeared inside of his needy rectum, "y-youre /friend/girl-friend/">girl friend must be in seventh heaven!!!" With his eyes cast down he answered quietly, "I dont have a girl friend, sir, Mr. Laurens is the only one who takes care of me!!!" "Well now you have two of us," he replied through gritted teeth as he bottomed out with all nine plus inches impaling his well used ass, "you dont mind if we use your cock to fuck our /butts/">butts do you!?!" "Oh my, no," he sighed while stroking in and out of him with piston like regularity, "you both have very hairy assholes, I just love them to death!!!"

Josh was so certain when he was being called to the principals office that he was in a boat load of trouble, but now as he pounded his cock in and out of cocksucker Jacksons ass, he realized once again the power that his pecker held over men of all ages!!!Mr. Jackson, who must have been at least fifty years old, all the way down to Mr. Laurens who was just a recent college graduate, as far as he could tell they both became absolute cock hounds when exposed to his massive erection, and even at that very moment Mr. Jacksons pecker was beginning to spasm hard, inducing what was surely to be a viciously brutal orgasm for both of them!!! "Oh, god," he gasped, "h-harder, fuck me harder you fucking big cocked stud boy!!!" Josh simply loved hearing men begging him for his hard dick, so when the old biddy began blithering away like a two dollar whore, his nut bag tightened imperceptibly which was of course a precursor for his alain lyle porn pecker to convulse and send a gusher of hot spunk deep inside of the hairy assed older mans /butts/butt-hole/">butt hole!!!

This time even Josh was shell shocked as he stumbled backwards and landed with a thud in one of the several chairs standing in front of Mr. Jacksons desk!!! The old man, on the other hand, hadnt moved even a muscle since Joshs pecker had slid from her well fucked rump, until several minutes later he struggled over to the door, unlocked and opened it, and asked Miss Silver to come into her office!!! Josh just rolled his head to the side as the /cute/">cute little blonde receptionist/secretary entered the room, and just as if she had done it a hundred times before, she followed Mr. Jackson over to the desk, whereupon the old man sat down with her legs spread and guided the mouth of the young woman to his cum soaked crotch!!! Josh, even though he had just experienced two crushing orgasms, began idly fisting his rapidly hardening prick while watching the cute little cunt lapper do a number on the cock of her hot assed boss!!! Just look at her, Mr. Crandle, she sucks me off at least once a day, but this a real treat for her to have a hot load of cum dripping out of my asshole, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck shes a hot little cocksucker!!! Mr. Jacksons eyes began to glaze over, not only do to the relentless tonguing from his hot wench secretary, but also from merely watching Josh jerk his big /fat/">fat pecker in such an insolent and casual manner!!!

It was becoming painfully obvious that Mr. Jackson was about to blow another load, but for Josh, the real turn on was Gwen Silvers cute little ass that was practically sticking up right I his face!!! Without even asking, the young stud took his place behind the unsuspecting cocksucker, and with an easy deftness lifted her skirt and slid her ruffled pink panties to the side, exposing her smoothly shaven cunt to the hungry eye of his thick snake!!! After rubbing his huge head up and down the length of her slit, he waited for a nod of approval from Mr. Jackson, and after receiving it, rammed his meat balls deep into the stunned woman, educing an ear piercing scream from her directly onto Mr. Jacksons throbbing dick!!! As Miss Silver pressed her ass back against his groin it signaled to Joshto jam her harder, and while the his /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick rocketed in and out of her pussy, all three of them boarded the nonstop climax express that hurtled out of control down the tracks towards their thundering orgasms!!! With his head rolling from side to side on his shoulders, Mr. Jackson was the first to go over the edge as his pecker contracted hard three or four times in Gwen Silvers mouth, which in turn started the dominos to fall as her own pussy convulsed around Joshs pecker, which naturally set of his own explosion deep inside the hairless pussy of the hot mouthed secretary!!!

On shaky legs Josh meandered back to his next periods class which thankfully was a study hall!!! He wasnt at all sure he could handle a real class, so as he sank into his seat and rested his head on the desk, he was roused to attention when the study hall proctor tapped him on the shoulder and announced, "Mr. Crandle, I have a note from Mr. Laurens, he wants to see you in his room at once????.!!!