Dear Uncle Jerry

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Dear Uncle Jerry

Dear Uncle Jerry 

I moved back to Jacksonville after selling my business in Modesto for a nice profit. I liked northern Florida. It was more populated with native-born folks, rather than New Yorkers, Canadians, and other refugees from the North, who preferred the southern half of the state. I took my time looking for another business opportunity because I knew pretty much what I wanted to do. Of course, I had to fend off a lot of "old friends," who had an endless list of business ventures for me, and them too, with my money. 
I came back to Florida because that is where I grew up, and also to escape the bitter break-up with my long-term girlfriend. I had been all set to get hitched, when I found out she had been cheating on me for months. I was back home and free at age thirty. I knew I would have no trouble attracting ladies. I had kept myself fit and had good genes. 

By accident, I purchased a house just down the street from my cousin Sam and his wife Julie. I did not know they lived there and would have selected a different location, if I had known. It was not so much that I disliked them. They had always been friendly toward me and had always welcomed me to their home. I just did not care for their trashy life-style, particularly how they dealt with the children. They treated them like miniature adults, not allowing them to have any childhood. The son, young Sammy, was pushed into everything form peewee football to miniature motorcycle racing. Fortunately, he survived... physically, but mentally his mind was totally consumed with amusements and sports. 

I had been more concerned with the young /daughter/">daughter, Felice. She was put in every baby show within two hundred miles, you know, those trashy contests in which the little children are dressed in /cute/">cute outfits with various themes. When she got older Sam and Julie would tart her up with make-up and sexy clothing, turning their daughter into a miniature prostitute. Whenever I saw that, I felt sick inside, in spite of feeling a strange attraction for Fellys appearance. I was disgusted by the trashiness of it, but also found it difficult to pull me eyes away from the revolting spectacle. 

Anyhow, my years in California had spared me most of that, and Felice at thirteen, was too old now for baby shows. When the family dropped by, after discovering that I was a new neighbor, Felly was dressed in nice attire, a bit too old for her, but at least I saw nothing of the painted lady of the past. Maybe, I hoped, as I sat talking to my cousin and his wife, things were different now with them. After Sammy spoke of his interests, punctuated by comments from his proud mother and father, that hope was undermined. The boy was ruined. 

Felice, on the other porn videos download hand, appeared the perfect, modest little lady. There appeared to be some hope for her. Her few remarks seemed intelligent, and she spent most of her visit looking through some books I had begun to unpack. Whenever I looked at her, she smiled back at me, a ray of bright sunshine, and then lowered her eyes and continued to leaf through book after book. 

Julie glanced at her daughter. "Shes a deep one, she is. She has her own thoughts and ideas, but she does well in school and never gives us any trouble at all, so let her be, I say; let her be." 
"Praise the lord, mama," Sam had added. 

I spent part of each day looking over some possibilities and returned home around two in the afternoon. I arrived one day and had a load of groceries in each hand as I stepped away from my car. Who was hanging around my front door? It was Felice, and she gave me her big smile as I strode toward her. 
"Hi, Uncle Jerry, I came over for a visit. Do you need help with the bags of food?" 
"No, honey, I just have these two, but could you reach into my right pocket here, get my key out and open the door for me?" She slipped her little hand into my pocked and began to grope around in it depths. I had forgotten how many items I had slid in there that morning. Looking down on her rich brown hair, I inhaled a faint, but attractive aroma. My cock began to swell, not from the scent alone, but also from my nieces pushing my pocket against me. I had an image of her little hand wrapped about my /hard/hard-penis/">hard penis, and... 

"Here, it this it, Uncle Jerry?" she asked, pulling the key out and yanking me from my lewd thoughts. 

"Yes, honeybunch, open the door now, please." She opened the door, and I carried the groceries to my kitchen. Having closed the door, Felice followed me and began to help me unpack. Standing across from her, watching her pretty face concentrate on her task, kept me somewhat aroused. Having finished, she walked around the counter and said, "Heres your key, Uncle Jerry," and pushed it deep into my pocket, running her hand along me semi-turgid cock. "Oh!" she whispered and yanked her hand from my pocket. Her pretty face was on fire. 
An uncontrollable groan slipped past my lips, but I got myself together and mumbled, "Thats all right, honeysweet; it was an accident." I started to put things away, and soon she helped me again. "Want a drink, honeykins," I offered. 
"Yes, Uncle Jerry. Could I have some of that lemonade?" 
"Sure thing, little honey; I think Ill have some too." We sat at my kitchen table in silence for a while, sipping our drinks. I knew what I was thinking about. What was going through her young mind? My eyes were continually drawn to her youthful face and body. She looked at me and saw where my eyes kept going. Felice smiled shyly and looked into her glass. 

"Uncle Jerry?" 
"Yes, honeybaby." 
"Do you have a lady?" 
"No, honey. She decided to go with someone else, I replied sadly. 
"Why do you keep calling me honey-something?" 
"Why, because youre the sweetest thing Ive ever seen, honey." I looked into her pretty dark eyes and smiled at her. I watched her little soft lips, purse and then settle into a little smile. Her face was so pretty. Without make-up, she was a pure and fresh beauty. 
"Do you think Im a little girl, Uncle Jerry?" 
"Not at all. You are a fine little lady, a very pretty little lady." She looked back a me, her expression becoming serious. "I can see that you have grown up so much since I left. You seem to be real smart little lady, too." Her face relaxed into xxx a smile again. I realized then that her beauty might not be her highest priority. 

"Uncle Jerry, did I make you excited by putting my hand in your pocket?" 
"Yes, honeybear, but its ok; it was an accident." I could feel my cock beginning to swell up again. What was wrong with me? My eyes fell on her chest, where two small swellings in her shirt showed where her budding breasts were swelling outward, pressing out against the fabric, perhaps her little nipples were becoming hard... 
"Uncle Jerry, are you all right?" I shook my head. The room was dim and warm. I concentrated on her pretty face, her soft lips, her... 
"Yes, honey, I just felt a bit warm, thats all. Perhaps I should turn the air conditioner up a little." 
"Ill get it!" She jumped up and walked over to the thermostat. Carefully, she turned the dial. I found myself looking at her slim, but sexy, bare legs, legs that ran up, becoming bare thighs and then joined at... I heard the air conditioner come on. Soon cool air would be flowing out of the vents. 

"Thanks, /sweet/">sweet honey," I mumbled as she walked back to the table, her slim hips, already showing the sexy flare of femininity, rolling softly as she stepped toward me. I watched as she demurely reseated herself. 
"Uncle Jerry, do you remember when /dad/mom-dad/mom-and-dad/">mom and dad took me to those baby shows when I was really little? I hardly recall them now, but I looked in the albums mom keeps. Your pictures are there too." 
"Yes, I do remember that." 

"There is this one picture. It shows me dressed up /real/real-sexy/">real sexy, and you are right there, looking at me. You have a strange expression on your face, like the camera caught you before you were ready." 
"I dont know about the picture, honey. I dont think Ive ever seen it." To change the topic, I said, "Have some more to drink." Felice jumped up and took the container from the fridge. She poured us each some more, and put it back, but instead of sitting again she stood next to me, leaning against me. 
"Uncle Jerry," she said softly. I turned my face to hers only inches from me as she leaned down. She asked, "Do you think those baby show photos made me look like a cheap whore?" 

I shuddered and attempted to gather my words. "I... uhh... I dont think that they made you look like a... cheap whore... but... but they did not make you look very... uh... well, they did not flatter you." Her face was right before me; her eyes were looking into my soul. 
"I looked like a cheap whore." Her head nodded slightly to emphasize her judgment. Her lemony breath wafted into my nose, but again there was some faint perfume emanating from her young body. 
"No! No, sweet honeybunch, you are a fine, beautiful young lady!" I put my arm around her and hugged her reassuringly, realizing soon that my hand was resting on a firm, round buttock. I wanted to lift it away, but instead tightened my grip on her young body. She tilted her head slightly, and gave me a smile. "Listen, honey baby, you need to feel good about yourself. You are such a sweet little thing that I could not bear to see anything bad happen to you." 

"Do you love me, Uncle Jerry?" She pressed her lips against the side of my face, and I felt a thrill run through me. I sucked in air and replied. 
"I love you so much, Felly honey, that I ache from it." 
"Me too, Uncle Jerry. I love you so much. That picture I told you about seemed to show something between us. When you came back, I rode my bike up the street all the time and looked at your house, watching you come and go, looking in your window and seeing you move about." She lifted her arm and put it around my shoulders. My fingers were rubbing her firm, round backside, exploring the shape of her nubile flesh. 

"Mmmm," she sighed and pressed herself closer. She placed another arm around my neck. I put my other arm around her and hugged her to me. Her hands massaged years of badness from my neck and shoulders. My hand slid down her bare legs and then up again, then down again and up again, higher. We stared into each others eyes and found our souls were linked. Her fingers combed through my hair, and my hand was touching the elastic where her panties met her thigh.