Pleasure of three penises with one man

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Pleasure of three penises with one man

She always wanted to feel the thrill of penis inside both her holes and mouth all at the same time. Her husband may have read her mind and that Saturday night, he came home with a gift for her. She opened the wrapped box and inside it was beautiful lacy lingerie as well old waman xxxgx as another box. He told her to change into that red satin lingerie and he would open the other box after she is ready.

She loved him a lot and he was a loving husband too. As she changed in the rest room, he got out of his formal attire and wore a night gown. She knew she had a good body and she looked hot at that time, but something was different tonight.

She walked out into the room and saw the lights so dim. A pair of arms grabbed her from behind and she could feel his lips on her neck. He kissed her slowly, whispering how beautiful she looked at that time. He sucked her earlobes and held her ever so close to him. She could feel his warm breath right on her neck. It always felt like the /first-time/">first time to her. After all, it has been only 10 months to their wedding.

He slipped to the front and held her face bokep sma pecah perawan in his hands and kissed her lips which led to sucking her lower lip and then tasted her tongue. Before long, he was sucking her tongue hard. His hands were moving over her boobs and her hands were all over his back, moving into his hair and pulling him closer to her. She was loving his touch all over her and she wanted more of him. His hands moved below and his fingers were feeling her vagina.

Then he took her in his arms and placed her on bed. He opened the other box and took out two glass dildos. Her eyes widened as they had never used any sex toy before. He answered her questioning look with a smile and she felt flushed. He moved on top of her and removed her bra as well as panty. At the same time he went naked, removing his own gown. She was wet alright, but still he applied cream on both the holes. He started kissing her passionately and placed a dildo in her vaginal hole and another in her butt.

She moaned with pleasure and her eyes rolled back. She closed her eyes and felt the filling in her holes. He moved up and placed his penis inside her mouth and started /mouth/mouth-fuck/fucking-her-mouth/">fucking her mouth. The jerks created a sensation below too and she felt her body shivering! Then she started sucking him hard. Her body was getting hot and she could explode at any moment.

He moved between her legs and started fucking her holes with those dildos. She felt overwhelmed with the excitement building inside her body and came so strongly that she held him hard. Her nails dug into his flesh and she screamed his name with sheer pleasure. All she did then was pull him over her and hug him. She knew it was just the beginning and she was prepared for a rocking night.