For I Have Sinned

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
For I Have Sinned

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Callie Marsh walked down the hallway toward the headmasters office. She smiled slightly because she was able to get out of taking that dreadful physics test and the fact that Father Isaac, the Headmaster, was /gorgeous/">gorgeous. She had been in trouble with him seveeral times before and everytime, she would sit in the chair across from his desk as he paced back and forth, slowly, with his arms behind his back. He would speak sternly about her inappropraite behavior, such as wearing he skirt too short, or not wearing a bra under the white button down shirt that was required. She remembered that time the most--she sat and listen to him speak to her about how shameful it was to not wear the proper undergarments, allowing the boys in the class to be able to see her nipples through her shirt---just hearing him talk about her body like that just made her so wet. After that time she had to make a stop in the girls washroom on her way back to class, and rub her wetness all over her clit until she came. She wondered what she would have to rub herself to this time because this time she was being sent there for wearing thong underpants under her skirt (Strictly Prohibited) and then bending over to pick up books she dropped on purpose, exposing the bottom of her asscheeks to the boys in the class. She couldnt wait. She knew Father Isaac felt the same way about her as she noticed his bulge grow larger everytime she was in trouble for doing something "slutty".

She finally approached the door to his office. Her pussy was already dripping. She opened the door to see Father Isaacs at his desk, wearing his sexy glasses reading over a message from Callies /teacher/">teacher. As he read he quickly glanced over at her and then continued to read the other noted that had been sent to him, regarding Callies behavior.

"Have a seat Callie" he said, in a very serious tone, more serious than Callie was used to. She sat down on her usual chair, a little worried...was he really mad at her this time? She did not want this, its not so sexy if he was really upset. She did not want to upset him. He was the only male in the school that she respected and had actually considered him a friend.

He stood up, arms behind his back as usual, a good sign for Callie.
"Callie" he started "You and I both know why you are here today, correct?"
Ah..that sentence...she knew he was thinking about her.
"Yes, Father Isaac." she said in her innocent little tone.
"Then we both know what a little slut you have been." he said.

Callie was not sure she had heard right, but either way, her panties were now soaked all the way through. She could not believe what he had just said. Maybe this would be the day!
"Excuse me Father Isaac, could you please repeat that?" she asked just to make sure.
"Of course. Callie is it true that the both of us know what a little slut you have been?"
"Y-yes." she stammered. She could not believe he was saying these things to her. She felt hot all over, her pussy wetter then it has ever been, she could feel her clit swelling. She wanted to touch herself so badly, she couldnt stand it.
"Callie stand up please."

She stood up wondering what was about to happen. She was also worried that the juice from her pussy would run down her leg and he would know.
"Callie, face my desk and put your hands, palms down on the top of my desk, and spread you legs, shoulder width apart."

She obeyed. As she looked down at the top of the desk. There was a stack of papers and the top one had on it, written in red marker "What Makes Me a Dirty Fucking Slut" by Callie Marsh. Wait....she had not written this. She thought to herself... Father Isaac....What was going on? What was about to happen? What HAD to happen? She knew. She couldnt even handle the thought that what she has wanted for the passed four years might finally happen. The thought of this and the tension in the room made her feel like she was about to come right there, but she wanted to wait. She wanted it to build up as much as she could so when he finally touched her, it would be the most intense feeling she has ever had.

"Callie, what is this I hear about you wearing a thong to school? You know very well that is agaist the rules."
"Yes, sir I know." 
"And what was this situation about, bending over so the boys could see your naked ass, hmm?"
"What sir?" Her legs started to weaken a little as she felt this intense wave of lust shoot through her whole body.
"Callie, usual I would let this slide, however, since you have involved others with your little stunt, I am going to have to confiscate them from you."
Confused she asked, "Confiscate what from me sir?"
"Your panties." He put his hand on her leg and slowly moved upward. Callie started to get nervous and went to stop his hand.
"Callie, keep your hands and feet they way they are unless I tell you otherwise!"

She had never heard him sound so commanding. She obeyed automatically. The way he had just told her what to do, so he could go about doing what he wanted brought Callie right back into her excitement.

Father Isaac slowly moved his hand up her leg on to her ass, grasping it with a slight amount of aggression. He then flipped up her skirt and tucking the end into the waist so it could not fall back down. 
Callie could feel his eyes on her. Then she felt his hands move up, taking the top of her thong and pulling them down slowly. She felt excited but then embarrassed when she remembered he would now be able to she all of the cum that had bulit up in her panties. Now he would know everything she had been feeling.
He did notice. "Callie, can you explain this white stuff on the inside of your panties?"
She did not know what to say.
"I-I dont know sir I--"
"Callie were you having impure thoughts about me, while I have been lecturing you about your behavior?"
She couldnt speak.
"Callie, I know what you did in the bathroom that day after I spoke to you about you not wearing a bra under your shirt.." 
She froze. How could he have known?
"I know you went in there and touched yourself, repeating my name thinking nobody could hear you, until you came, isnt that what happened?"
She was stunned.

"Somebody heard you Callie. One of your teachers. The reported it to me. I stood outside the bathroom for a bit so I could hear you myself. And I did. You were thinking of me for your own personal excitement, you should be ashamed. And I can she that you are. If you want to be forgiven, you must let me use YOU for MY own personal excitement. And if you want to be forgiven for the other impure acts you have performed, which I have all written down in that pile, you must allow me to use you for my pleasure, over and over again."
Callie was now overwhelmed with excitement, but did not want him to know. This was the day she had been waiting stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv for. She could wait for him to touch he and use her like /whore/">whore. She was on the verge of cumming at the very thought of what was about to happen.

"Callie, read this first page in that pile." He put it in front of her. It said November. Underneath was a list of all the things she had gotten in trouble for, or things that were reported about her that month.
"Callie I can see the cum dripping down your leg. Are you turned on by this?" he demanded.
"N-no sir."
He knew she was lying but he would just keep that one in mind for later.
"Read the first thing written on that list."

"Yes sir...Callie was in my office today because she did not wear a bra under her white shirt, which made it very easy for the boys in the class to see her nipples through the shirt. Her teachers found this to be distracting to everyone in the class, as the boys wouldnt stop talking about her."
"Very good. I white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie know you remember this, but lets see if you have remembered what I told you about making sure this doesnt happen again." As he said this his hands found there way on to Callies breasts. He felt around, seeking out her already /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples, and pinching them between his fingers. He then moved his way up to the first button on her shirt, then the next ect... as he repremanded her for not obeying his rules.

"Callie, since it is more than apparent that you like people to see your breasts, you are no longer alowed to have them covered up while you are in this office. Your breasts will be exposed for me to look at whenever I feel like it." 

Her shirt was completley undone now and he then removed it from her arms. Although she was excited by this, she felt the instinctual urge to cover her tits with her hands.
"What did I say about keeping your hands where they are?!" 
She quickely put her hands back down on the table. He put his hands on hers and pulled them behind her back, interlocking her fingers.
"Keep them like that. Now stand up straight."

This position pushed her breasts out. He then stood in front of her, never removing his stare from her tits. She could feel his eyes burning into her. She felt exposed, which caused a whole stir of emotions within her. She felt humiliated, which also caused her to feel extremely aroused. All she wanted to do was cum.

"Do you find this humiliating Callie? Because the next time you do not wear a bra to school, it wont be just me who sees your breasts. You will be forced to show them to me and another person of my choosing. It could be a boy from your class or one of your male teachers. Each time you do this, there will be another person. That will be a lot worse then this, having to reveal your tits to many men like me at once. And you will do it for however long I say, you will not know how long you will be standing like that in front of people."

Callie had always had fantasies about that, being stripped in front of strangers, but in her fantasies they didnt just look, they were able to touch her, play with her, and tease her in front of everyone while her arms were held behind her so she couldnt stop them. This always made her cum multiple times in a row.

"Okay hands back on my desk, read the next one." He made his way behind her rubbing her ass and then reaching around to her tits making sure her nipples stayed hard. He felt his cock getting harder. He pushed it up against Callies bare ass. He heard Callie moan quietly. This made him smirk.
She began to read the next item on the list.

"Callie was in my class today taking a test. I noticed she kept looking up at me, as she had the end of her pen in her mouth. When she noticed me looking, she pretended not to notice, and then she proceeded to slowly move her legs apart. Father Isaac, this girl was not wearing underpants!"

This made Callie giggle to herself. She remembered that incident, it was from her /teacher/english-teacher/">english teacher,Chris, who was also an attractive young guy, about 28, who Callie had wanted for quite some time.
"Callie, I want you your forearms down on the desk so you are bending over and arch your back. Then keep you legs spread I want to be able to see your pussy."
She did exactly what he said. She couldnt wait for him to ram his cock deep inside of her. But instead he walked over to the door to his office and opened it halfway, and she could here him say "Chris you can come in now, sorry for the wait." 

The door closed. She turned her head enough to be able to see the two men who she had wanted more than anything, standing together staring at her, being able to see just about everything. Please fuck me she thought to herself.
"Was this what she showed you Chris?"
"For the most part. I couldnt see that tight little ass and she wasnt nearly as wet."
"Callie read the next item on the list."