Bath Room Sex

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Bath Room Sex

Blondie and I was in the Bathroom at the time She was in our /jacuzzi/">jacuzzi relaxing as I was trying to concentrate on what I was doing preparing for bed I sexxxx video ful hd looked over at her and while she was laying back in the tub Her tits was very visible to me and that Her nipples was huge and hard at that time , My Cock became so hard looking at her there that I left the restroom but while I was checking on things in our home I could not get the picture of Her /tits/large-tits/">large tits staring up at me with Her nipples hard saying I need your tongue come and get me.

I was so hot and Horny that I planned on returning back to the rest room and attack. when I returned to the restroom I did not say anything as I went in She was still relaxing and gave me that certain look saying I need your body I walked over to the tub threw my shirt off dropped my shorts as I moved closer to the tub my Rod was hard as a rock I stepped in side the tub and started to play with Her /gorgeous/">gorgeous tits which i was admired on Her as I ran my hands all over her tits She grabbed /big/big-cocks/my-big-cock/">my big cock and started to stroke me and does She know how to stroke a Cock She is good at it I could not handle any more so I spread Her thighs and She steered my Cock in Her Tight /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy we then proceeded to fuck until the oh Boy squirted with joy She is one /lady/sexy-lady/">sexy lady which I have enjoyed making love to for eleven years and we have not lost the flame and She likes to fuck all thetime. She is one wild Bob Cat in bed.

Big Tex

Well I cant believe Big Tex just spilled the beans so to speak about us. This is ALL new to me. But I will say it really turns me on. I have always loved sex.

But I will tell you my version. I remember that night well. I was taking a hot bubble bath in our Jacuzzi tub, relaxing. I was laid back as far as I could go without going under. The only thing xxx sex video download free com that was sticking out of the water is my /boobs/big-boobs/">big boobs. I am always horny for my man (Big Tex). He walks in the bathroom and glances over at me in the tub, I gave him a very sexy look. I began to rub my boobs with the tips of my fingers just to drive him wild. He could hardly stand it. He erected swiftly. I love looking at his ass. He has a nice fine ass. I noticed how hard his hotrod was. That turned me on that much more. He left briefly, then returned just as quick as he left. 

He looked down at me with sex in his eyes. Then he began to strip for me. I began to caress myself to drive him wild. No words were spoken, it was ALL body language. 

He then proceeded to get in with me. He stroked my breast, licked & sucked on my erected nipples. I in return grabbed his huge hard rod and began to stroke him. I wanted him /bad/">bad. I then guided his hard rod to my tight /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy & he slid it in me. I grabbed his shoulders in /ecstasy/">ecstasy. I always seem to scratch him up during sex. And believe me he hurts me every time. He calls me a bobcat. I have left scratch marks on him numerous times. He is the best lover I have ever had. 

I also have other stories to share about my other /bathroom/bathroom-sex/">bathroom sex with another man.
I love you Big Tex & your Big Hard Hot Rod. Keep Fucking me till you cant fuck no more.